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A True Story of

 Family, Friendship

& Healing

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"Too Phased" — A Remarkable True Story by Christine A. Rucci

Read a remarkable story about courage, friendship, family and healing. My name is Christine Rucci, and I am an author, nurse and speaker. My memoir, "Too Phased," tells the story of a car accident that left my face severely damaged. The emotional healing took decades and involved over 30 agonizing surgeries —  it left me searching for my identity. For years, I tried to dull the pain with alcohol. I sabotaged my relationships and vassilated between anger and depression. True healing came from within, as I stopped valuing myself based on my looks and began to recognize my own worth as a nurse, a sister, an aunt, a friend and an educator.

"Too Phased" will be available soon on Amazon. I am also available for speaking engagements nationwide.

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After wading in the victim pool and drowning myself in alcohol for many years, I come to the realization that only I can pull myself out of this pool of self-destruction.

Christine A. Rucci


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