Too Phased By Christine A. Rucci

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An Inspirational Memoir

"Too Phased" is a story of pain, healing, and self-realization. It begins in 1983 when I was involved in a horrific car accident. Although I survived I was left with severe facial disfigurement. It would be decades before I felt like myself again and learned to love myself for who I am. My journey involved years of self-destructive behavior and sabotaged relationships. The emotional healing took more than 30 years, but I now know that self-worth lies inside each of us. All we have to do is look a little deeper.

More Than a Face

Although "Too Phased" focuses on my journey to heal physically, it's about so much more than my face. It is an inspirational memoir of love, friendship, family, and a life lived from within instead of one defined by society. For decades, I punished myself for not fitting in and conforming to what the magazines and social media tells us what beauty is. Even though I had graduated with two college degrees and became a registered nurse, I still felt ugly inside and craved love and acceptance.

My patients helped me realize my own value. In the operating room, no patient ever turned me away because of my face. Instead, they responded positively to the care I provided. They were comforted as I gently held their hands and told them it was going to be OK.

Christine A. Rucci After Becoming a Nurse

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